HI I'm Sally.

I started Hot4Golf.

I love golf.

Started playing golf when I was a little girl

Golf is intertwined into my life at every turn.

I work in the golf biz.

I love to play.

Playing is the fun part of golf.

I want to help you

figure out how to play golf

in a simple organic way.

I'm on a Journey I must complete.

I have a big dream, A REALLY BIG DREAM.


I challenged myself. Im doing it.

I want to help you help yourself

and create amazing golf experiences

for golfers just like you.

Playing golf, allowed me space

I wondered about the world.

I dreamed big.

I could make a difference I thought.

The sweet smell of innovation first came to me in spring,

when the honeysuckle blooms

The answer was right in front of me.

Do you want to know what it was? BEE-ING

- Sally Kay

Sally Junior Golf

Three time Dallas City Junior Golf Champion, Sally started playing golf as a young girl and won her first tournament at the age of 13. Sally competed in High School golf, PGA Junior Tour events and Texas local golf tournaments. Sally is grateful for Dallas Fort Worth City Golf Programs and the dads, and coaches out there bringing up junior players.

Sally College Golf

Sally played golf on a full scholarship at Baylor University. She played Division I Golf and was a member of the Athletic Advisory Board. Sally began studying Broadcasting and Communication and switched to Philosophy. Sally helped the Baylor Bears to become ranked her freshman year. Sally shares her lessons learned and fun experiences playing golf competitively on the team.

Sally Golf Pro

LPGA Teaching Professional, Head Professional, Total Golf Adventures Franchise Owner, Golftec Certified Coach, US Kids Golf Certified Coach, PGA Golf Clinics for Women Teacher, College Golf Professor, Golf Clinician, Golf Merchandiser, Scottish Rite Hospital Adaptive Golf Teacher, Golf Shop Owner, Qualifier for PGA Players Ability Test, Golf Club Fitter, Golf Promoter are some of the roles Sally has experienced in the golf industry. Sally shares her views and insights learned from a lifetime in the game.

Sally Creator

Sally is sharing the stories that inspired her to golf, to teach, to join the golf industry, the relationships one forms playing golf andthe fascinating journey of where golf can take you. She aims to help golfers help themselves and simplify the noise bombarding a golfer who looks to learn or wants to be more competitive. Golf is more than the how to... its a lifestyle and attitude all its own. Its a place you can find yourself, lose yourself and become.
In this golfer's heart it's the best game ever invented.