An idea born from the heart of a golfer...Hot4Golf brings you Grass Roots Golf Challenge Games.

A free opportunity to develop your skills, sharpen your competitive edge, win prizes, meet other golfers and best of all it's fun.

The way golf should be in our opinion.

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Putting Challenge

Whether you're new to golf or a seasoned golfer, our putting challenges are here to develop your touch around the greens. Your dream golf game is just one putt away. Browse our putting challenges now to develop your speed and accuracy. 

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Short Game Challenge

Looking to improve your short game? We'll help you find confidence around the greens by placing you in challenges with real world pressure to help sharpen your skills. We love to compete and find our short shots getting better and better!

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Golf Games

Put your long game to the test and build confidence, knowing you'll get the best practice for on course situations. Shave those last few strokes off your game and build your mental toughness to improve shot accuracy and skill.

What People Say About Us

"I really started to see my scores go down after competing in these challenges. I tried practicing short game before but I always lost interest so quickly. First challenge I attended captured my attention immediately. The challenges help me to focus and I am a better golfer because of it."

- Jackson Feldman

"I now have touch around the greens! I am chipping it close and winning bets against my regular foursome. They are convinced I've been taking short game lessons. Thank you!"

- Mike Douglas 


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