I'm a golfer. I love golf. 

There is nothing quite like hitting a good shot into the wind. Sinking a tricky putt. Standing on a tee box being excited to play the hole. You know what I mean? If you don't maybe it's time you figure out why people love golf sooo much...BECAUSE ITS AWESOME!! 

Growing up in a golfing family exposed me to many aspects of golf. I played competitve junior golf and went on to play golf at a Division 1 school on a full ride. I passed my PGA Players Ability Test and worked in the golf industry as an instructor, swing coach, college golf professor, head pro, tournament hostjunior golf program director and an instructor for people with limited mobility. 

Playing golf is a great sport to grow your business, increase sales and networking connections. Playing golf can be a real catalyst for sucess in your professional career.  

Golf is a great way to stay active, be healthy and spend quality time with family and friends for a lifetime. It allows different personalities and ages to escape this busy world, recharge with nature and join together for play, fun or competetion.  

(These are just a few examples of what golf can be for you, there are more) 

I created Hot4Golf as an outlet for my experiences in the game and as an LPGA golf instructor for many years. Experience has taught me much and I want for Hot4Golf to help you golf and to connect you with individuals who love to play, love to compete, love to be outside playing, would rather be golfing, and those who always dreamed of being a golfer.